Monday, January 7, 2013

Apologizing for sad


Why do you apologize for feeling sad?
Sad was made for days like these.
On the spectrum of bad days - this ranks among the champions.

If today isn't allowed to be sad,
how long are you going to miss out
on all the other emotions
before you realize you're denying yourself.

You deserve the right to be sad,
happy or mad.
Even puppies are sad when you make them sleep alone.
So why not you?

If today is sad,
and there is no way around it -
do me a favor and promise
not to apologize for it.

Apologies mean there's something to be sorry for
and you didn't choose, nor cause this bad day.
So embrace the shitty, hug the sad, cry yourself to sleep
and keep the hope alive that tomorrow turns the bend.


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