Friday, December 21, 2012

Side Project with a Good Cause

Ladies and Gentlemen...I'm back in the game!

Back in the non-profit, fundraising and event planning game that is.

Its nice to return to my roots.
Invigorating even.
I haven't been this excited about anything that took serious effort in a LOOOONG time!

Last night I had the opportunity to combine my social circles (widowed and non-widowed) to brainstorm how to support the cause of One Billion Rising.

One In Three Women On The Planet Will Be Raped Or Beaten In Her Lifetime.
One Billion Women Violated Is An Atrocity.
One Billion Women Dancing Is A Revolution.

I have my own story with the unique journey as a woman on this planet. I will find the strength to elaborate on those stories during this journey. But this project isn't about me. It also isn't about sorrow or being a victim. Its about rising up, dancing and claiming the happiness and peace that any woman - any human, deserves.

Please check out our page on facebook:
And the new One Billion Rising SLC specific blog:

I couldn't be more excited for the things we have planned. You should check it out!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Sometimes loss DOES make the world pause

Via Creative Commons

When someone dies you wonder why the world keeps on moving. 
People keep posting funny jokes, 
and pictures of their lunch on Facebook. 

You wonder why everyone else is so crass -
how could they be happy at a time like this?
Eventually the anger and resentment fades
with the cold realization that the loss of those most dear to you, 
didn't affect others the way it changed your world. 

It is weird to me that today, people experienced horrific loss
-and in many ways everyone did look up and take notice
and the world stopped moving - just for a minute. 

PS. I haven't left, deserted you or fallen off a bridge. I tore the ligaments in my elbow, making typing complicated and painful. I will be back to my blogging, yoga-ing, and krav maga-ing badass self in the near future. 

With love and light,