Friday, December 14, 2012

Sometimes loss DOES make the world pause

Via Creative Commons

When someone dies you wonder why the world keeps on moving. 
People keep posting funny jokes, 
and pictures of their lunch on Facebook. 

You wonder why everyone else is so crass -
how could they be happy at a time like this?
Eventually the anger and resentment fades
with the cold realization that the loss of those most dear to you, 
didn't affect others the way it changed your world. 

It is weird to me that today, people experienced horrific loss
-and in many ways everyone did look up and take notice
and the world stopped moving - just for a minute. 

PS. I haven't left, deserted you or fallen off a bridge. I tore the ligaments in my elbow, making typing complicated and painful. I will be back to my blogging, yoga-ing, and krav maga-ing badass self in the near future. 

With love and light, 


thornybird747 said...

Jessica, I hope your ligament heals quickly.
There's nothing you can do about CT. Cherish each day as if it were your last, even if it means recovery. Recovery has it's own rewards.

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