Other Blogs & Resources

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This page is to link you to many varied blog sites that might suit your interests if you like this blog.

Utah's Widows and Widower's Support Group - Utah Local Widow to Widow Connections

Happy Blogs:
Hello Giggles
ProCatinator - Cat GIF's set to music.

Foodie Blogs:
100 Days of Real Food
Food Babe

Widowed/Surviving Blogs:
Angela Shelton - Lots of info on moving from Surviving to Thriving
Widows Voice - A different widowed blog post daily
Widow Chick - 35yo Widowed Mom in CO. Also the founder of thewiddahood.com
Brenda Lee Free -  Young widow's focus on Life, Leisure and Local stories
KTR's Day - Young, remarried widow's focus on the "new normal" like pinterest cleaners ;)
Wait, What happened? - Young suicide widow's journey
GreggiesWidow - Unmarried widow blog & support
My Journey to living and embracing life - Same blogger as ^ but w/ a forward focus
Filling the Space Between - Young widowed mama, with another on the way.

Food Allergy Blogs:
The Allergist Mom

Eco-thoughts and Poetics  - by a certain environmentalist whom I love
Petition to add bereavement leave to FMLA

Widowed Resources:
Soaring Spirits Loss Foundation
Caring Connections at the University of Utah - they host quarterly 8-week group sessions.
TheWiddahood.com - a social networking site for widow/ers