Tuesday, September 11, 2012

For the Love of Corgis

I'm stuck on a post that I feel like I should write, but can't. So in the meantime a few people have suggested that I pull out of my writing slump by writing about something that I love. Writing-candy if you will.

So what is my cotton candy of the blogging world......


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I freaking love corgis. I don't know if I have ever even met one in person. I think I might burst. Like the feeling when I got to give Jane Goodall a hug! But maybe even bigger. And if you know my love of Jane Goodall, you can extrapolate how much I have the experience of playing with a corgi built up in my heart/head.

What would I do if I got to play with a corgi? I'd pretty much do this.....
Via Creative Commons
Then go for a swim at the lake
via Creative Commons
Maybe a drive to the park
via Creative Commons
Where we would play with some toys
via creative commons

My buddy and I would have to hike in the mountains
Via Creative Commons
And definitely not settle down until someone dragged us home!
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How are you feeling after some corgi lovins?
I'm feeling a bit better. Still don't know how to write about the AFSP and why I'm walking for the OUT OF THE DARKNESS Suicide Prevention walk this weekend.

So just cut me some slack and join our team or donate to our cause.....the corgis would do it.

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With Love and Light, 


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